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Infotech Articles and Publications

Infotech Develops a 3D Printing System for Multi-material Designs in Cooperation with DELO

Infotech has introduced a novel, fully automated system designed specifically for printing liquid materials and multi-material structures. Thanks to the parallel operation of several dispensing heads, different materials can be processed in one printing step. Complemented by DELO's high-performance epoxy resins, this enables the production of components with different physical property ranges.


Power module production, Microproduction (German)

Powermodules are the heart of a e-vehicle and play an important role in the producton and transport of renewable energy. Production equipment for power modules need to be scalable and contain a comprehensive range of technologies - culminating in autonomous and quality controlled production cells for clean room environment.


Micro Dispensing, Microproduction (German)

Given the wide range of applications, micro-dispensing places high demands on system modularity. High-precision drive systems and integrated vision systems ensure that quality variations are kept to a minimum, even when dispensing in 3D.


Mikromontage, Mikroproduktion (German)

The automation of complex micro-assembly tasks requires systems that can be precisely adapted to customer applications. The solution is a COMPONENT MATRIX for loading, assembling, dispensing, measuring and calibrating.