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Today, electronic manufacturing often means more than just the classic assembly of a printed circuit board with SMD parts. Besides the assembling of electronic parts, often times the precise assembling of mechanical and optical components is required. The electronics industry continues to become more and more interdisciplinary combining processes from different technologies making it more difficult to master with merely standard machines. 

Our competencies range from real 3D assembling over combinations of assembling and dispensing to hot gas soldering. Exotic applications, that can only be covered inefficiently by a standard SMD line, are nevertheless at home on Infotech platforms.

The Infotech Component Matrix offers the necessary flexibility for all possible tasks, whether as a desktop machine, as a single machine in a batch operation or as a part of a manufacturing line. With our products, the highest placement accuracy combined with high throughput is no longer contradiction.
Each machine is specifically designed, optimized and built to the customer’s needs.